Claire Bascombe, December 2020

I was recommended to Joanna by a friend and I have been extremely impressed with how she spent time working out my ‘complications’ and, thankfully, sorting them out. Joanna is a totally professional person and I have no hesitation in passing my opinion on to anybody who reads this. Thank you Joanna, you are truly one in a million.

Malcolm Potter, December 2020
Problems with my left shoulder and neck started many months ago and over time led to discomfort that began to interfere with my day-to-day life. Joanna really listened to the exact kind of pain I was experiencing, asking lots of questions and spending time investigating my range of movement before we started. The combination of massage, acupuncture and manipulation has been really successful for me and has improved this long standing problem.

Garry Barlow, December 2020

I came to you as amputee with a bad back and leg pain Joanne was extremely kind and helpful with massage and acupunture and it has relieved the pain.Would not hesitate to recommend her to friends.

Sheila Thomas, December 2020
Having moved to Dorchester from London the day before lockoown it was no surprise to suffer neck pain shortly.
Joanna rectified the problem in one visit. A few weeks later I suffered pain in my upper body.When I arrived for my consultation Joanna had already thought about the problem and recommended acupuncture. I had not experienced this treatment before but it was a great success. Having been treated by many different osteopaths in London over the past twenty years I can honestly say that Joanna ranks with the best of them, and, I consider myself very fortunate to have met such an approachable helpful and excellent practitioner in Dorchester.

Dawn Cluett, November 2020
I went to see Joanna as I was suffering with regular severe migraines and general headaches which were really starting to affect my daily life. After a short combination of acupuncture and osteopathy along with a detailed look at my life style, I can honestly say Joanna’s care, treatment plan and expertise has helped me enormously. I now feel great and starting to feel like my old self without any head pains in weeks. I am so grateful.

Libby Gower, November 2020
Joanna has been a tremendous help treating my migraines. I suffer with fairly regular migraines and without treatment I have found they become violent causing sickness and leaving me completely debilitated. I have had a number of sessions and I find that the acupuncture helps to reduce the severity of them, allowing me to function and get on with life. I will certainly return to Joanna as soon as I feel my migraines flare up again. I highly recommend Joanna, she is incredibly thoughtful and will go above and beyond to help resolve your pain.

David Cartwright, October 2020
Joanna is a very accomplished Osteopath. I saw her for issues with my shoulders after a work accident.
She is incredibly experienced and attentive to what treatment I required after diagnosing me with torn rotator cuff muscles in both shoulders. Her knowledge helped me mend over a fairly short period of time considering one injury was at least nine months ago and the other three months ago. The treatment Joanna provided, including acupuncture enabled me to return to work rapidly. Now after six treatments over 12 – 14 weeks I am able to do more now than I have been capable of for at least the last 9 to 10 months.
I would recommend Joanna very highly!

Lisa Bedford, September 2020
I have recently had two sessions of acupuncture for an ongoing trapped nerve, every time l visit Joanna she puts me at ease, very friendly and great at what she does, thank you Joanna for relieving my pain 😀

Sue Woodman, August 2020
I recently visited Joanne after yet another painful injury to my back and I must say I wished I had visited her the first time she was very calming and professional as I was very nervous and in alot of pain but after 2 sessions with her I was moving around pain free. I still go to see her just to keep on top of my injury but can’t say enough about this amazing woman and her work.

Naomi Robertson, June 2020
I recently visited Joanna just after lockdown rules changed, as I’d been suffering with a knee issue which was causing me a lot of pain. I have to say Joanna’s thoroughly calming and professional manner put me at ease. I had acupuncture for the first time and am pleased to say I am pain free. I regularly visit Joanna with my injured back which causes me aggravation every once in a while and she is intuitive and interested in my ailments. I would wholeheartedly recommend her and am thankful I have her to aid my recovery.

Lockdown March – June 2020

Becky Iszatt, March 2020
I have had on/off sciatica-like pain for about 6 years. Recently, I took up running and my symptoms flared up; I didn’t want to have to stop running, so I found Joanna online and visited her. I have had 3 visits so far and certainly recommend! Compared to the previous healthcare routes I’ve taken in trying to deal with my pain, Joanna is so much more personable and goes in depth with her explanations as to where the pain might actually be originating from, discussions of my running posture/gait, and her reasoning for attempting the treatments we have used. I have really benefitted from the acupuncture, and in particular I have noticed nasty twinges and burning nerve pain in my foot pretty much cease altogether since I first saw Joanna, which for me has taken a lot of stress away because I really struggled with that ongoing sensation. Thank you, Joanna!

Annie Bray, February 2020
Joanna isn’t just extremely good at what she does, she’s also very caring, takes time to really get to know you, has a lovely calming quality about her and genuinely wants to help you feel better! I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Andrew Raymond, February 2020
I had a consultation with Joanna to explain my problem with my shoulder and I knew straight away I was in good hands with her professionalism and attention to detail. After having 3 treatment with Joanna I with soon back farming full-time. My thanks to Joanna at caring osteopathy.

Rose Devlin, February 2020
After suffering back pain through work and sport, I contacted Joanna at Caring Osteopathy for some treatment. Even after one session the results were noticeable, and after two sessions I am experiencing a lot less pain than before. Joanna is very friendly, professional and happy to answer any questions you have, no matter how silly you think they are! I would 100% recommend Joanna’s service to anyone that should need it. Thank you Joanna for your amazing care and treatment.

Ann Snowden, February 2020
I went to Joanna initially as an osteopathic patient for my back, and found her to be professional, understanding and effective. Since my initial appointment, she has helped me enormously with problems following shoulder surgery, using massage and acupuncture. I recommended a friend who had been struggling to walk despite GP, physiotherapist and chiropractic interventions to go to Joanna. I am very happy to say he was delighted with her treatment of him and is now making excellent progress.

Linzi Gow, January 2020
I contacted Joanna at Caring Osteopathy as I was having difficulty managing migraines. I chose her due to her online reviews and I was not disappointed. I found Joanna to be calm, professional and genuinely interested in trying to help me improve my situation. At the initial consultation Joanna suggested a course of acupuncture and after a few weeks it had significantly reduced the severity and frequency of my symptoms. This has lasted over the last few months which has been such a relief as I can more fully enjoy life again.

Ms C M Brooks, January 2020
Ms Figg-Latham provides a caring and professional service being able to use both traditional Osteopathy as well as Acupuncture to really sort out a problem. I will definitely recommend her services and will no doubt be visiting her again when the need arises.

Nell Letten, January 2020
I found my treatment with Caring Osteopathy to be very relaxing. Joanna was very caring and made sure I knew exactly what she was doing and the reason for it. She also gave me rhe feeling that I was in control all the time. This made me feel very relaxed and I felt no discomfort at any point. I felt very relaxed after the treatment but a bit painful for a couple of days after. After that I really a lot better.
Thank you Joanna,

Jacky Blanchard, January 2020
Joanna, is kind and attentive and especially good at her job. She has really helped me deal with the pain of a frozen shoulder and is one of the most sensible and straightforward health professionals I have met in a long time. Thank you Joanna for all your brilliant attention and care.