Firstly, please check for symptoms of Coronavirus.

In the last two weeks have you or a member of your household had:

• a new persistent cough (for more than hour or three or more coughing episodes in 24 hours)
• a high temperature.
• loss of smell or taste
• been in contact with anyone with symptoms or confirmed Coronavirus?

If so, isolate and contact 111.

Do not make a booking or attend the clinic.
Cancel your appointment if you have made one.

Information is changing on a daily basis current NHS advice is provided here:

Opening the clinic

In response to guidance from UK Government, Public Health England, the NHS, the General Osteopathic Council and the Institute of Osteopathy, Caring Osteopathy is open, please read below first visit the online bookings page to make your appointment.

To provide you with the best care and protection new safety and infection control procedures will be put in place, not only for your safety but that of your practitioner and anyone at the clinic.

It is essential you read all the INFORMATION and new CLINIC PROCEDURE. If you need any further information ring first.

We are taking every precaution to limit any exposure to the virus, however, we cannot guarantee there is no risk to attending the clinic so this will be discussed with you and verbal consent for a face-to-face treatment obtained and recorded prior to visiting the clinic.

Public health interest overrides your GDPR preferences and in the instance that the NHS Test and Trace service contact Caring Osteopathy your name, address and phone number has to be provided to them. No other information regarding your medical details will be provided, it is only the same as the information you would provide if you went to a bank, pub or restaurant.


If you are classified as vulnerable and in a high risk category by the NHS, treatment cannot be offered to you at this time.

If you are classified as vulnerable in the moderate risk category, please ring first.

Risk categories are outlined here:

A remote consultation by phone is preferable to visiting the practice. However, if a face-to-face appointment is agreed, time together has to be limited.

Whether you are a new or existing patient a pre-appointment assessment will take place on the phone to reduce the time in clinic.
Payment can be taken via email and message (wherever possible).

The Poundbury Clinic is a shared building so measures have been taken to ensure social distancing. Extra hygiene and cleaning procedures are in place, including additional time between each patient, so prompt arrival and departure are important. It is intended to run separate clinics to reduce contact.

Should you have any symptoms of the virus within 14 days of your attending your appointment it is vital you notify Caring Osteopathy immediately.


These measures help reduce the risk of infection transmission:

  1. Phone or book online.
  2. Whether you are a new or existing patient at Caring Osteopathy Joanna will contact you and arrange a pre-appointment assessment which may take the form of a phone call or online telehealth session. This will provide the opportunity to discuss you the detail of your health history, your complaint and update since your previous appointment. Likewise, you will be screened to ensure it is safe for you to attend the clinic.
  3. The pre-appointment session has to be prior to the treatment appointment. So, Joanna will contact you to arrange.
    This will help focus the time you are at the clinic for treatment.
  4. Payment for the pre-assessment and treatment appointment will be organised at this session.

Before coming to the clinic:

  1. Take your own temperature at home if you can (approx. 37.7°or above is an indication you could have the virus – please cancel if this is so).
  2. Attend clinic in a mask. Wear throughout your visit. If you do not have one, one can be provided.
  3. Use the lavatory at home. Wash your hands.
  4. Avoid travel on public transport.
  5. Where possible, come alone. If this is your first appointment, you may bring a chaperone, but they will have to be screened on the phone and at the clinic as well and this will take time.
  6. Please arrive as near to your appointment as possible and remain in the car.
  7. Joanna will come to the car park and take your temperature with a non-contact thermometer and indicate when you should come into the clinic. This is also to avoid you coming into contact with anyone else in the building.
  8. Leave your belongings in the car other than what is essential.
  9. The reception will not be open. The water fountain is not available, please bring your own water if you think you maybe thirsty.
  10. By going to the lavatory before you attend clinic it reduces the chance of infection.
  11. Joanna will request you use the hand gel at the entrance.
  12. The treatment will be provided by Joanna who will be wearing the appropriate level of PPE.
  13. Because the clinic room has to be cleaned and aired between patients, adherance to timing will be essential. Joanna will use a sanitised couch cover, pillow covers, wear disposable apron, gloves, type IIR face masks, protective glasses (where required) and disinfect the couch between each patient visit and all contact points and areas possibly exposed to aspirants in the treatment room.
  14. All payments must be by card and ideally online before your visit.
  15. Please rebook online rather than in clinic time.
  16. The room will be cleaned and aired before the next patient.
  17. Joanna changes PPE for the next appointment.
    I look forward to seeing you!!