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Lisa Bedford, September 2020
I have recently had two sessions of acupuncture for an ongoing trapped nerve, every time l visit Joanna she puts me at ease, very friendly and great at what she does, thank you Joanna for relieving my pain 😀
Sue Woodman, August 2020
I recently visited Joanne after yet another painful injury to my back and I must say I wished I had visited her the first time she was very calming and professional as I was very nervous and in alot of pain but after 2 sessions with her I was moving around pain free. I still go to see her just to keep on top of my injury but can’t say enough about this amazing woman and her work.
Naomi Robertson, June 2020
I recently visited Joanna just after lockdown rules changed, as I’d been suffering with a knee issue which was causing me a lot of pain. I have to say Joanna’s thoroughly calming and professional manner put me at ease. I had acupuncture for the first time and am pleased to say I am pain free. I regularly visit Joanna with my injured back which causes me aggravation every once in a while and she is intuitive and interested in my ailments. I would wholeheartedly recommend her and am thankful I have her to aid my recovery.

Lockdown March – June 2020

Becky Iszatt, March 2020
I have had on/off sciatica-like pain for about 6 years. Recently, I took up running and my symptoms flared up; I didn’t want to have to stop running, so I found Joanna online and visited her. I have had 3 visits so far and certainly recommend! Compared to the previous healthcare routes I’ve taken in trying to deal with my pain, Joanna is so much more personable and goes in depth with her explanations as to where the pain might actually be originating from, discussions of my running posture/gait, and her reasoning for attempting the treatments we have used. I have really benefitted from the acupuncture, and in particular I have noticed nasty twinges and burning nerve pain in my foot pretty much cease altogether since I first saw Joanna, which for me has taken a lot of stress away because I really struggled with that ongoing sensation. Thank you, Joanna!

Annie Bray, February 2020
Joanna isn’t just extremely good at what she does, she’s also very caring, takes time to really get to know you, has a lovely calming quality about her and genuinely wants to help you feel better! I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Andrew Raymond, February 2020
I had a consultation with Joanna to explain my problem with my shoulder and I knew straight away I was in good hands with her professionalism and attention to detail. After having 3 treatment with Joanna I with soon back farming full-time. My thanks to Joanna at caring osteopathy.

Rose Devlin, February 2020
After suffering back pain through work and sport, I contacted Joanna at Caring Osteopathy for some treatment. Even after one session the results were noticeable, and after two sessions I am experiencing a lot less pain than before. Joanna is very friendly, professional and happy to answer any questions you have, no matter how silly you think they are! I would 100% recommend Joanna’s service to anyone that should need it. Thank you Joanna for your amazing care and treatment.

Ann Snowden, February 2020
I went to Joanna initially as an osteopathic patient for my back, and found her to be professional, understanding and effective. Since my initial appointment, she has helped me enormously with problems following shoulder surgery, using massage and acupuncture. I recommended a friend who had been struggling to walk despite GP, physiotherapist and chiropractic interventions to go to Joanna. I am very happy to say he was delighted with her treatment of him and is now making excellent progress.

Linzi Gow, January 2020
I contacted Joanna at Caring Osteopathy as I was having difficulty managing migraines. I chose her due to her online reviews and I was not disappointed. I found Joanna to be calm, professional and genuinely interested in trying to help me improve my situation. At the initial consultation Joanna suggested a course of acupuncture and after a few weeks it had significantly reduced the severity and frequency of my symptoms. This has lasted over the last few months which has been such a relief as I can more fully enjoy life again.

Ms C M Brooks, January 2020
Ms Figg-Latham provides a caring and professional service being able to use both traditional Osteopathy as well as Acupuncture to really sort out a problem. I will definitely recommend her services and will no doubt be visiting her again when the need arises.

Nell Letten, January 2020
I found my treatment with Caring Osteopathy to be very relaxing. Joanna was very caring and made sure I knew exactly what she was doing and the reason for it. She also gave me rhe feeling that I was in control all the time. This made me feel very relaxed and I felt no discomfort at any point. I felt very relaxed after the treatment but a bit painful for a couple of days after. After that I really a lot better.
Thank you Joanna,

Jacky Blanchard, January 2020
Joanna, is kind and attentive and especially good at her job. She has really helped me deal with the pain of a frozen shoulder and is one of the most sensible and straightforward health professionals I have met in a long time. Thank you Joanna for all your brilliant attention and care.

Marion Spinks, December 2019
I would certainly recommend Caring Osteopathy. Joanna’s approach is very professional and reassuring and she always explains in detail about the treatment she is giving.Thank you Joanna.

Ali Tovey, December 2019
What a fabulous treatment I had last week from Joanna for my less than perfect shoulder! As a massage therapist myself, I am very fussy about who treats me but I would have no doubt in recommending her to anyone – her knowledge, thorough and professional approach was second to none and I felt instantly at ease. My shoulder continues to improve, I feel like I can actually use my upper back properly for the first time in a long time, and that’s after just one session so I am very happy to know that 2 other family members are now benefitting from her care and talent. Thank you Joanna, I wish I lived closer so I could come and see you more often 🙂

Ray Pearce, November 2019
I’ve been to see Joanna twice now third time later today. I went to see if my back/leg pain could be rectified as I was really suffering when walking. During my first appointment I was warmly welcomed and quickly put at ease, we went through everything step by step. I ended up having acupuncture (my first experience) which over the next couple of days reduced the pain dramatically and further reduced on the second visit again with acupuncture. I’d really recommend caring osteopathy. Thanks Joanna.

Naomi Robertson November, 2019
I have had an ongoing problem with my back due to a prolapsed disc and sciatica. Joanna instantly put me at ease and seemed to know my limitations and gave me the confidence to push myself and have the strength to overcome my pain with her guidance and careful manipulation. She is a fantastic osteopath and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as Joanna is a professional and competent.

Trea Murphy, November, 2019
I have found Joanna to be professional, thorough and caring in her approach. The (acupuncture) treatment has been effective and I have noticed significant improvements in a short time frame.

Cliff Payne November, 2019
I went to see Mrs Joanna Figg-Latham because I injured my shoulder at work . I found her absolutely brilliant diagnosing and explaining what exactly I had done and how the shoulder worked . After osteopathy and acupuncture treatment my shoulder is almost recovered. Whilst missing no work. I owe her a huge thanks and would not hesitate to contact her if needed I would give her 10 out of 10

Dawn Potter, November, 2019
I have found Joanna to be extremely caring and professional in diagnosing the source of my pain issues, and to find someone who listens to you, spends time explaining what is happening to your body and how to ease symptoms is very reassuring. With exercise, acupuncture and massage my symptoms are gradually disappearing and that is such a relief. I will certainly recommend this lady. Thank you so much.

Jessica Fetherstonhaugh, October 2019
I saw Joanna for sciatica, neck and shoulder problems that I had been having for some time. She was reassuring and professional, explaining the hands on treatment and acupuncture in layman’s terms! I now feel in control of my symptoms, should they return and regularly do the stretching exercises she recommended. I feel a different person!

Gareth Rossiter, October 2019
At an experience level and age that I should know better, I once again damaged a calf muscle – one of many old injuries gained through a lifetime of ‘abusing’ my lower limbs in strenuous adventurous outdoor activities. Having not known Joanna beforehand, thoroughly professional and an obviously caring individual, she very quickly built outstanding rapport and carefully diagnosed the issue; with appropriate hands-on treatment and sensible guidance she got me fully mobile in very quick time. Placing your trust (and health) in the hands of a stranger is a big leap to take but turning to Joanna was a very good move; I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Judith Kinnersley, October 2019
Joanna has been treating me for problems associated with scoliosis. I have been impressed by her thoughtful, thorough and professional assessment of my condition, followed up with gentle and effective treatment. I have experienced a significant improvement due to Joanna’s manipulations and stretching exercises, which have accurately targeted the cause of my pain.

Kerry Mellor, October 2019
Joanna has been treating my anxiety, using acupunture, for almost 3 months. I find her warm, professional and reassuring and leave sessions feeling much calmer and more in control of my symptoms. The treatments have certainly had a positive impact on my mental health and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Joanna to other people who are struggling.

Brian Taylor, October 2019
I have low back and neck pain. I felt increasingly tired and weak, coupled with low energy. I find that after a few months of visits osteopathy is helpful and beneficial. Joanna’s approach is very professional, and coupled with her kindly and pleasant personality I feel very safe in recommending her to others.

Alan Maitland, September 2019
I was having a problem with sciatica and taking a lot of pain killers. Joanna confirmed it was sciatica and bursitis. I received considerate treatment and Joanna recommended some suitable exercises. After two treatments the pain eased considerably and eventually ceased.

Helen Leach, July 2019
I would fully recommend Caring Osteopathy. Joanna has been working on my shoulder and arm using a combination of Osteopathy and Acupuncture treatment resulting in a successful outcome. She is an extremely pleasant lady and professional with her approach.

Fay Barnes, July 2019
I have been seeing Joanna for about two months now and she works with you to come up with a Care Plan which helps to treat your problem. After years of having back pain and seeing a number of specialists, I feel I have the full package with Joanna. With a mix of Acupuncture and Osteopathy treatment, as well as advice on exercise and stretches, I have noticed a major decline in the pain I was experiencing. Highly recommended!!!

Nicky Bolderson, June 2019
I have recently visited Joanna for acupuncture and found my treatments to be very effective. Joanna is very knowledgable and caring, I instantly felt relaxed and at ease with her. I would highly recommend Joanna for anyone seeking help.

Jan Biddle, May 2019
Excellent care. l have found all of the treatment very successful and has improved my health and wellbeing in general. I would recommend this for anyone who are struggling with pain and discomfort to see Joanna l have found her very caring and professional in every way, 10 out of 10.

Cathy Clayson, May 2019
I have full trust in Joanna. Her caring, warm nature makes one feel instantly comfortable and relaxed. I would thoroughly recommend her massage and acupuncture treatment, which feels that it is doing good. My neck and upper back discomfort is definitely being alleviated. Thank you Joanna.

Tracey Miller, May 2019
Very happy with the service I received at Caring Osteopathy. Joanna conducted a thorough consultation and successfully treated my back problem with a combination of Acupuncture and Osteopathy. Would definitely recommend. Thank you Joanna.

Beryl Ablitt, April 2019
Joanna is an exceptional osteopath. For me, she achieved healing results where others had failed. Joanna cured my crippling back pain in a few sessions with a combination of gentle manipulation and acupuncture. I would highly recommend her – she has such a warm, caring personality too.

Jennifer Crabbe, March 2019
I recently visited Joanna for a hip/leg problem and would wholeheartedly recommend her. On the first consultation she took time to truly listen to me about the symptoms I was having. After the second visit my symptoms had improved significantly …

Sue Grenville-Jones, March 2019
Having spent many years suffering from problems with pain in my neck, shoulders, lower back and particularly my right buttock which has been disabling at times I had almost given up hope of ever finding anyone who would be able to put together a care package that would be able to alleviate some or all of my symptons. By chance I came across Joanna’s article in a local magazine and it was the title, ‘Caring Osteopathy’ that really caught my eye. How I would love for someone to care about how I was, and who might help me when no one else could! I have found Joanna to be a highly intelligent, caring professional who is determined to get the best result for me. She has never promised a miracle cure and and has always left it to me to decide whether it would be worthwhile continuing with treatment. I know that I still have a long way to go as my problems stretch back over many years and I know that there is no ‘quick fix’. However I am confident that the care that I am receiving – mainly acupuncture – is beginning to show results. I thoroughly endorse all the reviews that are written below and recommend Joanna to anyone seeking help from pain or discomfort.

Harriet Northway, March 2019
Caring by name and caring by nature is just what Joanna is. I can’t recommend her more highly. I was able to get an appointment within a couple of days. The on-line booking service is very helpful in doing this. Joanna listened to my medical history, carried out a thorough physical examination and then shared her treatment plan with me, a combination of osteopathy and acupuncture. I agreed and the treatment began in her well equipped, warm, clean room. I have continued to see Joanna on a regular basis and am very pleased with the treatment I have received, which has helped with the pain and discomfort I was experiencing. Thank you Joanna.

Dawn Painter, March 2019
Joanna took the time to do a very thorough assessment of my back problem and to explain the treatment she would give. Joanna is knowledgeable and caring. She repaired my back in two sessions. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Amanda Rhodes, February 2019
I have found Joanna to be utterly professional, incredibly knowledgeable, and immensely thorough! She takes the time to explain things and does her utmost to get to the root of the problem. I wasn’t sure how the acupuncture would make a difference but was astounded how, when Joanna ‘hit the spot’, there was immediate and significant improvement. I have never felt hurried, and have felt Joanna to be absolutely focused on what she is doing.

Roz Miller, January 2019
For 4 months I struggled with tendinopathy on my right shoulder which created further problems with my neck and back, and though I was trying different treatments, I wasn’t getting better. By good fortune, someone mentioned Joanna at Caring Osteopathy so I booked an appointment. From this very first appointment I felt heaps better, I was so grateful. The progress I have made over several appointments now has allowed me to sleep better and move well. The great care that Joanna gives each time makes me come away feeling fantastic – thank you very much!

Lauran Church, January 2019
I’m very impressed with the treatments I’ve received from Joanna for long-term neck and shoulder problems. Her very thorough and diligent approach is clearly backed up by a wealth of experience in osteopathy, acupuncture and sports massage. She listens carefully before explaining and discussing her course of action. Her very effective treatments include advice on managing the condition. No hesitation in recommending this excellent practitioner!

Gloria Towner, January 2019
As a keen hill walker with an arthritic knee. I didn’t want to keep taking painkillers to help manage the pain when I walked so I thought I would try an alternative. I was a bit wary about having acupuncture but I was in a lot of discomfort so I took the plunge. I don’t know why I was so worried because Joanne put me at my ease straight away and talked me through my options. I suffered no pain as the needles went in. After the first session my knee felt so much better, so much so I went walking in Wales a few weeks later and managed to walk up and down a hill. I have had two more sessions since and have found walking much easier. Thank you Joanne.

Carole Martin, December 2018
The title of Joanna’s clinic sums it up perfectly, “Caring” is at the route of everything that she does. I started seeing Joanna before Christmas after suffering with hip pain since March 2018. Having been to my GP I was told it would be 12 weeks before I would get in to see physio so I thought I would look at alternative practitioners. I am so glad I found Joanna, she listens to the problems you are experiencing and then explains the treatment she is going to give. At each point of the treatment she checks that you are ok and understand why she is completing a particular movement/stretch. She works with your body and always makes sure you are comfortable. I have also had acupuncture treatments, which have been very effective. After each session Joanna always leaves me with a range of exercises to continue with at home to help my mobility. I am gradually improving and this is down to the wonderful treatment I am receiving. I have no hesitation in recommending Joanna to anyone in need, she is amazing.

Sharron Wight, December 2018
A total and thorough, confident and professional service with the comfort of being in a “safe pair of hands”.

Clare Nixon-Young, November 2018
Having been to several practitioners I can confidently say that Joanna is outstanding. She listens intently, and is keen to do thorough investigation to check that she has diagnosed the problem correctly so you have maximum gain from the appointment. She guides you through each step of treatment so you are aware what is being done and why. I particularly liked the combination of stretches, massage and acupuncture used. After my first appointment for a trapped nerve in my lower back, I instantly felt better within a few hours of seeing Joanna. I am now receiving treatment for a shoulder injury that is over a decade old and already feel after two treatments that I may eventually make some progress after doing a number of different therapies elsewhere previously. Joanna is flexible with her appointments to try and accommodate the fact I am travelling over 40 miles to her clinic and is a genuinely lovely lady who clearly has a passion to help people.

Cathy Page-Nash, November 2018
Excellent service in clean , bright airy conditions. I had every confidence in the practitioner.

Becky Diaz, November 2018
Got recommended to Joanna from a client of mine after expressing how much pain I was in with my shoulder as I have a shoulder injury from years back that has reappeared after pushing too hard in the gym and repetitive strain from my job as a hairdresser. I had been to doctors on many occasions only to be fobbed off with strong pain killers. I’ve had physiotherapy at the hospital and no relief from that, and I’ve been to a chiropractor and felt a hundred times worse for the treatment.
Joanna gave me a thorough examination and consultation and treatment on my first appointment which eased my pain a little. On my second appointment I had acupuncture and felt a difference in my pain level straight from leaving the clinic which was such a relief. I have since had one more session of acupuncture and my pain has almost gone, allowing me to work with out pain. Joanna emailed me exercises to do to keep me moving in the right direction of which I adhere to. Joanna is extremely professional in every aspect of her work. Explanations were given on every treatment with her. I would highly recommend Joanna to anyone seeking relief from pain. Thank you Joanna, from one happy hairdresser.

Louise Bloxham, October 2018
I would highly recommend Joanna. First off I was surprised to be able to get an appointment as soon as I needed it, in total I’ve had 3 appointments and I am already back to my energetic self. Also I haven’t had any headaches since having acupuncture, which is an added bonus! Joanna informed me well during all treatments and has a gentle approach, I was also able to stop at any time if I needed to. Overall Joanna was extremely thorough, knowledgeable and conscientious.

Geri Brown, October 2018
Came to Joanna suffering from lack of sleep and fibromyalgia pain … after the first session I went home and slept for 7 hrs that night …. Joanna is very patient and listens to exactly what you are saying …. she helped me greatly and I highly recommend her …

Edward Ellis, September 2018
Excellent service, needed treatment immediately and was able to get a same day appointment. Have been able to have follow up treatments which really helps as I have a number of medical problems and Joanna is excellent at dealing with me. I can really feel at ease and talk through the best way to treat certain issues. Joanna really gets to the right spot with acupuncture. There is no pressure you can have as much or a little treatment you want. Would highly recommend.

Liz Myles, August 2018
Joanna provides excellent treatments. A few sessions with her were very beneficial in easing my recurring back problems.

John Grindle, August 2018
I initially picked Joanna because you can book online and pay by card. She was brilliant and very professional all round, sorted my back and knee out in no time …

Chris Fowler, July 2018
If you are thinking of going to see Joanna, do not wait, she expertly found the problem with my shoulder and in three visits she has put me back together again. Thank you for your help you are very informative about what treatment you are doing and I felt confident in everything you did. With best regards Chris.

John Morley, June 2018
Joanna very quickly diagnosed my problem with my hand, treated it and gave me lots of advice on how to prevent future problems. I had previously been told I had arthritis and had to use painkillers: I now have full mobility and no pain.

Mika Vasic, June 2018
Joanna helped me to overcome my back problems with her vast knowledge and gentle approach. I always felt safe and informed prior to and during treatments. Highly recommended.

Sarah Ursell, May 2018
Joanna is a highly professional multi skilled practitioner with effective and long lasting treatments. I see her on a regular basis for acupuncture and craniosacral osteopathy to manage stress and tension and find that I always leave the session lighter, calmer and with a much looser body! Her ability to listen and empathise is also always much appreciated. Very highly recommended.

Claire Bosanquet, May 2018
I went to see Joanna over a 2/3 month period for a chronic shoulder condition, which got to the point I could hardly move bring my arm over shoulder height. With lots of care and attention, including acupuncture, the movement is amazing for me, and no longer rules my life.

Hannah Walton, May 2018
Joanna is the best osteopath I have ever had treatment from. Initially I saw her several years ago due to a shoulder injury I had previously been told would never repair properly. Joanna worked tirelessly to ensure I had the best treatment possible and I now have a shoulder that is as good as before it was injured. Joanna has also supported me through my journey from being completely unfit 18 months ago to now having run the London Marathon last weekend – and thanks to her treatments beforehand, I finished the marathon without any aches or injuries. No ache, pain or strain is too much of a challenge for her! Joanna is extremely knowledgeable and professional and I recommend her to everyone. She listens and explains everything before proceeding with any treatment. Joanna, you are a superstar!! My journey from unfit to marathon runner would never have happened without your hard work… thank you 🙂

Steve Power, March 2018
Caring is a word often used today, but seldom delivered to a consistently high standard. You can be assured of a caring and highly professional approach when you visit Joanna. After 4 days immobilised in bed with lower back pain (lost a fight with flat pack!!), I reviewed many osteopathy providers on line and the Caring Osteopathy page was, by far, the most compelling option. Following an initial consultation and assessment it was clear that I was not just the problem but very much part of the solution. Joanna is an excellent listener and she explains every aspect of the treatment confirming understanding and agreement before proceeding. After my back was fixed I asked Joanna to review a knee condition. I now have a far greater understanding of the muscular/skeletal links and inter-dependencies from hip to foot. Seeing Joanna is not just about getting fixed. If you really want to understand and manage your condition in the long term with Joanna’s support then Caring Osteopathy is the place for you.

Riou Baxter, February 2018
My right hand shoulder joint had been badly damaged due to excessive weights use in my local gym etc. After a 6 week intensive therapy course with Joanna this had improved vastly. I can highly recommend Joanna and her practice, for high patient care, along with careful explanation of treatment and continual shoulder joint exercises.

Sue Aldous, January 2018
I have been seeing Joanna for a while, initially for a shoulder problem which, thanks to her treatment no longer causes me problems, but now because a fortnightly treatment helps to keep me aches and pain free! She is extremely conscientious and professional and her knowledge base is second to none. Treatment is discussed and reviewed each time and with her wealth of qualifications there is always something that helps. No hesitation to recommending Joanna.

Stephen Kenyon, January 2018
Highly recommended for the whole package of treatment; flexible in approach, ready to explain and explore what’s happening, respectful of boundaries and concerns – above all, very effective!

Mary Taylor, January 2018
Joanna puts you at ease straight away, and listens to your problems. Her knowledge of the human body is outstanding, which gives the patient every confidence. My back problems had been ongoing, but after a few appointments the pain eased, and she was very helpful in suggesting regular exercises at home. I would thoroughly recommend her.

Dan Mowlam, December 2017
You can be sure that you’re in the hands of a professional. Joanna is thorough and listens, she makes you feel at ease and gives great advice. Caring Osteopath does what it says on the tin. Joanna eased my back pain. I have also recommended one of my parents who suffered pains too. Would highly recommend.

Sandra Dorey, November 2017
Joanna, I came to you with a painful lower back that no pain killers could touch.
After a very careful and thoughtful assessment, your treatment left me able to get in and out of the car without pain for the first time in ages, and over the next few days the pain improved immensely. So much so that I was tempted to cancel my follow-up appointment. I’m glad I did come to see you a second time as you were able to show me exercises to help me stay healthy. I would whole-heartedly recommend you to anyone!

Anna Sayce, October 2017
Joanna is a fantastic craniosacral therapist/osteopath. The several sessions I had with her helped me through the aftermath of a nasty chest infection. She takes time to really listen, get to the roots of what is going on and make recommendations. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a caring and effective craniosacral practitioner.

Claudia Moore, September 2017
Having had a couple of sessions at Caring Osteopathy I feel so much better and healthier. The nagging pains have subsided and I feel lighter and more able to exercise regularly. Joanna is very calming and thoroughly professional. She also gives lots of helpful tips and exercises that you can do at home.

Dirk Aldous, September 2017
Joanna impressed me from the start with the thoroughness of her initial examination and the detailed review taken at each session but more importantly she has resolved a very painful debilitating bout of sciatica. Many thanks indeed!

Ian Baker, August 2017
I went to Joanna after over a year of pain in my right shoulder. Careful assessment and a range of treatment approaches along with a targeted exercise programme (nothing too strenuous) over 3 sessions fixed the problem. Joanna is friendly and professional and always explains her thinking and methods. Highly recommended.

Janet Blakey, July 2017
… I have had a recurring back problem for some time and have tried several different Osteopaths and physiotherapists with varying success. … I have found Joanna to be professional, caring and very good at her job! I have never had treatment that works as well as the treatment I have received from Joanna. She is very understanding and … she makes you feel at ease at all times. While I was receiving treatment my husband sustained an injury and went to Joanna for treatment. He had never been to an osteopath before and was very apprehensive but was soon put at ease by the professionalism shown to him, and he was amazed how quickly he responded to treatment. I would highly recommend Caring Osteopathy and Joanna.

Liz Ridley, July 2017
Joanna is very knowledgeable and I have found her treatment for my hip most effective. She also gives simple exercises along with her hands-on treatment. I would thoroughly recommend her as an Osteopath.

Catherine Shippey, June 2017
I found Joanna to be extremely thorough and interested in my back problem. She … enjoys problem-solving! She started by looking closely at my posture, … and gave me appropriate exercises to do. She also informed me of what I needed to do in the gym, and necessary cool-down exercises following exercise. Also, she advised on my swimming activity, and what strokes to use to help my back problem. Her attitude is one of professionalism, great knowledge and warmth … and checking on the progress you have made. My back is so much better following a few visits to Caring Osteopathy, so Joanna’s treatment has really helped me. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Mary Yarwood, June 2017
I first consulted Mrs Figg-Latham several months ago for a back problem and not only found her very professional but also kind and understanding of my particular problem. I would have no hesitation in returning to her for further treatment.

Kevin Gordon, May 2017
I found Joanna to be very friendly and she put me at my ease straight away, I was suffering from quite debilitating back and neck pain and after only two sessions I feel like a new person. She explains the mechanics and theory of her treatments at depth in a professional and clear way and I would highly recommend her. Many thanks Joanna!

Carol George, December 2016
My husband John has been attending Caring Osteopathy for two months now because of pain in his shoulder arms and wrist. Joanna has worked extremely hard to reach the root of the problem and has been very caring and supportive. John is now starting to reap the benefits of her hard work and we would recommend her to anyone experiencing pain of this nature.

Emma Childs, November 2016
Thanks for keeping me injury free for the London Marathon …

Liz Cooke, October 2016
I have been treated several times by Joanna. She is informative and explains exactly what she is going to do and why. I found her very helpful with exercises to continue with after I had seen her. I thoroughly recommend Joanna and if you are at all worried about your treatment she immediately puts you at ease. End result I was able to move again. Thanks very much!

John Bunford, January 2016
I found Joanna to be very professional and thorough in her examination of my issues, finding and resolving problems, some of which weren’t apparent to myself. Highly recommended.