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Sports massage is more than a treatment. It involves an evaluation of how you are using your body for your chosen activity. Your complaint may indicate a weakness where muscle balance can be skewed by activities such as golf, running, cycling, walking etc. This creates a pattern in your body which your everyday jobs and lives also contribute to. This pattern is considered before a plan is devised and treatment recommended. Exercises and modifications to daily life will be prescribed as part of the plan.

Minor sports injuries and the demands of everyday life lead to aches and strains. Sports massage maybe an important element in your sport, or, a deeper approach  which can be targeted for specific overuse activities caused by the demand of work or hobbies.

During sports activity tension builds-up in soft tissue causing pain and stiffness. This form of deep massage incorporates effleurage, petrissage, frictions, trigger point release and stretches aiming to improve circulation, promote healing and enable relaxation. Such techniques are useful for all types of sports and can help prevent or reduce injury.

Many individuals find sports massage techniques relaxing and effective in treating soft tissue injury even if they are not involved in sporting activity.

Therapeutic ultrasound
Therapeutic ultrasound is a useful adjunct to both sports massage and osteopathy. A variety of musculo-skeletal complaints may benefit from ultrasound therapy. The heating effect of sound waves can reduce pain and promote tissue repair. Ultrasound is used in addition to a sports massage, or as part of your osteopathic treatment. This type of therapy is not the same as diagnostic ultrasound, or sonography, where you see inside the body on a computer screen. Joanna has undertaken training and certification in the use of therapeutic ultrasound.

Kinesiology taping
Acute minor injury to the back, peripheral joints, muscles and ligaments can be supported with the use of taping. The tape provides a form of strapping that is applied to support the structures involved and this helps reduce pain. The tape manufacturers maintain the tape itself also facilitates healing. Used widely since the 2012 Olympics, it is employed as a useful short-term tool during treatment at Caring Osteopathy and can be useful in returning you to health.